12/98: Abba 98 Realty = Property Manager of the Models in the Philippines?



Our Success story # 12, is our representation on our rental services to model and celebrity, Luke Jickain, (who also starred in some hit TV shows.)


I remember, writing this piece 2 weeks ago. After watching an old story in Maalala mo Kaya (in Youtube).




When I saw him while watching a random classic MMK story.. I thought to myself, that “ this guy is familiar”. And so.. I checked him out in the credits of the show, and found out that he is  “ in fact ” one of our clients.


He has played roles in Misibis Bay and Maria la del Barrio.








But what I liked the most, was his acting chops in Beki Boxer.




Anyway, going back to his story.. and how we managed his condo unit. We tried to offer our services of renting it within the month. ( For some reason, two of our agents scrambled for this listing. I don’t know if the reason is about the “ prime location ”or the chance to talk to a model/ celebrity. )


The 2 agents “ burned” the phone lines to schedule viewings. And.. in 3 days, they finally found a tenant.


Amaaazingg right???


I could tell that we did a fantastic job with the added “motivation”  from our 2 agents.


Getting a tenant in 3 days, allowed him to send us this video testimonial. 


Here you go as he tells the full story.



I am proud to say that I have served Luke in all his requests and needs. It would be very nice to meet him again and ask for an autographed selfie. ( Joke! )


We wish him more projects + profitable investments.




Arah Dayao


Studio unit beside DLSU Main Campus in Manila for Rent to own.

Sometimes, we do not think that a property will be available for purchase. This property gives the tenant the ability to purchase the unit, 3 months before the lease of expiry.

Before the classes begin, try to check out our unit for students this coming semester.







Property details:

WH Taft Residences

Studio Unit / Unfurnished

28th Floor

26.50 sqm

Monthly Rental: P15,000.00 per month inclusive assoc dues

Payment Terms:

1 month advance

2 months security deposit

11 post dated checks

Here is a video walkthrough of the property.


For inquiries, just call Arah Dayao:

Office No. 956-3284

Mobile Nos. (0915)567-7656

US Line: 001 562 443 8556



RUSH ! Super good buy! 1 bedroom unit for SALE in Makati, Belton Place at below market value!

Hey guys last May 14, 2019, our lease officer, checked out of the units in Belton Place. It is located in Yakal St., Bgy. San Antonio Village, in Makati City. In a few years, 2 strip malls will be surrounding the condo. development. One is, The Rise by Shangrila and the other one is, West End Square. The units selling in the area is priced at more than P 5 Million Pesos for a 24 square meter size, 1 bedroom unit.


This property that we checked out offers more than 35% in discounts from the original price. Here are some pictures of the property.












Check out the video of the units.

This unit rents out for at least P 25,000 to P 30,000 pesos a month as of our May 2019 records. Call us now to check terms and schedule tripping.


Arah Dayao


Office No. 956-3284

Mobile Nos. (0915)567-7656

US Line: 001 562 443 8556




3 ways to effectively rent your condo. unit in the Philippines ( on a daily basis. )

Technology has been an advantage for small business owners. As a manager, we utilize the power of the internet to attract potential tenants. Most of our tenants are negotiated on a 1 year term. For the past few months, we have been trying to create new markets for the benefit of our clients. One of which, is exploring the market for short term rentals. We have been trying different ways to capture this segment and so far these are my top 3 ways to effectively rent your condo unit in the Philippines.


Neutralize the design – It is okay to pick a theme for a unit. But, to be safe, we encourage our clients to pick neutral styles and colors. I’ve been witness to some designs created by our landlords, thinking that they will use it for the long term purpose rather than the mindset of their tenant.




Add additional beds – Adding beds in your unit, would attract a bigger market. Families and sets of friends would consider the unit solely because they provide the need to sleep more than 2 persons. Pinoy culture includes the vacation of families and groups of friends, making this our top 2 in the list.


and finally..


Add WIFI connection – You can eliminate the television, radio, books but not the WIFI on a bnb unit. Any millenial would try and look at another option if they discovered that WIFI is not included in their bnb. Come to think of it.. you can watch, listen, and read in their cellphones.


Hoped we helped you guys with these 3 important tips.



Arah D


11/98: What Are the requirements of getting a loan?


One of our advantages dealing with our buyers is our ability to get them pre-approved. Since most of them are based outside the country, we have to find the ways on how to tackle each and every account. All accounts has there own unique situation. It is challenging at times, but with the support of our bank partners, we always get an approval.


There are a few ways that a loan would be denied, and most of it, is the fault of the borrower.


Here are the usual findings.


a. The inability of the borrower to respond to our calls – We have always encountered a client who is stalling the process even if we try to follow through with them.


b. The passive behavior from our buyers – People usually delay the requirements that would involve their time. The registration of documents which can only be done from the consular services on their country of work.


c. Misrepresentation of data submitted – This is also not uncommon. Changes in name and marital status creates a “ “slippery slope” in buying a property. It will only add up to the administrative charges required by the developer if it was updated just before the turnover process.


We can prevent these things from happening if they we’re transparent from the start. We assure our clients that all their info will be handled privately.


There are a lot of requirements when getting a loan. Call us now, and tell us your plan moving forward. We look towards your best interests in mind.


Arah Dayao

For more details or questions, you may directly message us here.

Office No. 956-3284

Mobile Nos. (0915)567-7656

US Line: 001 562 443 8556

FB Live: May 6, 2019 – Monday



Abba Realty


Hi Guys! Good Morning USA and the Philippines! Co-agents, brokers, and mga Inquiries… We have a scheduled Facebook Live on Monday featuring Lennie B. PST/ 2-230 am and EST/ 5-530 am sa mga taga New York, Florida and East coast states… Magiging maganda ang morning nyo… And syempre po in the Philippines. Sa mga inquiries namin, shoshoutout ko kayo… para ma kita nyo ang units namin.

Ibabalita ko po ang nangyari sa Saturday and Sunday trips ko… and hopefully, maging part kayo ng services namin for rental units.

Ito po ang magandang balita…

Alam nyo ba na may dormitel kaming hawak sa Makati, for as low as 5500 per room? 

Alam mo ba na may mga units kami as low as 6000 pesos a month?? Sa Quezon City po ito banda. May Swimming pool, basketball court at malapit na SM?

syempre.. bago malaman itong info na ito, log on na sa FB namin on Monday 2 am sa mga taga California and Las Vegas.. 5 am sa mga East cost states… and 5 pm sa Philippines, FB Live on Monday. See you there!!!