Studio unit in El Jardin del Presidente.

Available and open this October 2018.
Studio and 2 bedroom unit near Abs Cbn Complex, Timog, and Morato commercial establishments.
We have 2 units available in the area of Abscbn Complex, Timog, and Morato commercial establishments.
One is a fully furnished studio unit and the other one is an Fully furnished 2 bedroom unit.
Here are some photos for the studio unit.


We also took a walkthrough video of the property. Here is the link:


For inquiries, just call

Office No. 956-3284

Mobile Nos. (0915)567-7656

US Line: 001 562 443 8556



Spacious 2 bedroom condominium unit near Abs Cbn, Timog, and Morato commercial establishments.

Every year that passes by, time and again, we can see the difference in increase in property values compared to the decrease in size. Developers has learned to adjust to this trend. They can either retain the size at the expense of staying at their current market price or they can cut their unit size to remain affordable to their prospective buyers.
Such is the case of this Quezon City condominium. In this era, where studio units are offered more than the bigger 2 bedroom units, this listings remains special from today until the years to come. The addition of businesses and the development of the Triangle Central Business District would only enhance the value of this unit.

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The listing is available for rent or for sale. It has versatile purposes for the new buyer. He can either rent it out long term, or he can stay in the master’s bedroom unit, and rent out the 2nd room. Take note that the 2nd room also includes a double deck.
Short term rentals in this area is consistent with most of the clients renting are usually doctors in nearby hospitals such as The East Avenue Medical Center and The Philippine Childrens Medical Center. Contractual artists and short term gigs in the entertainment industry is also common for short-term rent in this area. In this way, a bachelor’s pad who doesn’t mind sharing his living area to other lessees will make a profitable return while enjoying the prime location of this property not only today, but for the years to come.
Here is a short video walkthrough of our unit.
For more details or if you have any inquiries, contact us through the following numbers.

Office No. 956-3284

Mobile Nos. (0915)567-7656

US Line: 001 562 443 8556

Managers Report: From Jose Mari Chan.. to the importance of representing our clients.

The start of September, marks the month that most companies pick up. This is the time that people line up in malls to enjoy it’s airconditioned environs while listening to the music of “ Jose Mari Chan “.



The cars multiply as they contribute to the slow drive to EDSA. 



All of these, are just a reminder that Christmas is around the corner.

In the real estate industry, the people in the sales division make their way to climb the top ranking to meet their targets while most employees under the developer, is beginning to slow down as more holiday related activities are being put to improve employee retention.

I do not blame the developer for allowing them to do this since they have a different employment structure.  These employees does not feel the need to put in the effort since they will get the same amount every pay check. But in a bigger scale, it puts their customers and clients in a bad situation. I’ve seen a lot of mistakes due to miscommunication from different departments of a company. And, the clients, are the one who are taking the hit. We have 3 different accounts for instance, where they accidentally re-opened the units for another buyer even though it is still paid and is still under the name of the current buyer.

Luckily, we have a team who has kept records of the transaction that is vital for defending the rights of these clients.


Most of our buyers are based abroad. Their absence in the Philippines while striving to pay their mortgage puts them in a hostile situation.



Our goal, is to make it more convenient for them, and to look after the interests of the buyers by representing their rights. Without our intervention, most of these transactions will just go in favor of the developer every single time.

Isn’t it right to protect the buyers who has been putting the money in the companies’ operations? Don’t we have to be grateful for clients’ who are pouring in one of the major strains in their budget to achieve their goal of getting a property in the Philippines?

Sometimes.. all we need is a little bit of empathy and compassion not towards the projects and the attractive payment terms that we’re offered by these developers but rather the clients, who strive to work so they can get their dream home.

Arah Dayao