Had an Aztectacular Party at Splice


22 December 2015. Last Tuesday, Abba Personnel Services Inc., sister company of Abba 98 Realty & Dev’t Corp, held an Aztectacular Party in Splice Resto Bar located in The Portal, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City.

The party was scheduled to start at 7pm. Everyone came in with their best Aztec costume and later on the program, someone was awarded as the Best Dressed of the Night.


Abba PSI Officers created a fun-filled program, each employee were willingly (and all out!) participated on all of the games they had prepared that evening. It was a simple get-together and bonding moment for both Abba PSI and Abba 98 Realty peeps.


As for Abba 98 Realty, its International Broker, Sir Paolo, together with Ms Arah, Sales Coordinator (the ones on the left, your left) invited some blogger friends to join in the fun and the ones who were able to make it were (on the right) Leo of OhOhLeo, Dems of Dems Angeles and Donna (yours truly.. hehe) of Honey’s Haven.

This particular event sealed a deeper meaning of friendship among the bloggers and Abba. Cheers!


The party’s never complete without food. What’s great about booking a party with Splice, they accept early booking, can customize packages based on budget and preferences. If interested, kindly check their page here – Splice Resto Bar Facebook Page or contact them at 0925 677 5423.


Before the party came to an end, we were mesmerized by the speech of Mr Nestor Flores, President of Abba PSI. It was simple, short yet powerful delivery. You will immediately notice how down to earth he is and how he loves his employees (and it also show on the faces of his employees how he is loved by them) who share same vision, which is helping Filipinos get jobs abroad.


Abba Personnel Services Inc 

Abba PSI Website

Contact them on this link.

To be successful in Real Estate, you must always and consistently put your clients’ best interests first. When you do, your personal needs will be realized beyond your greatest expectations”.  by Anthony Hitt

To all of our Clients and Followers,  Happy Holidays!




Best Blog Contest: Announcement of Winner + Seda Nuvali

After receiving the scores from the judges and after totaling all social shares, we will now formally announce the winner of the Best Blog Contest.

But before that, let’s have a quick tour of the hotel, the winner will be staying at.

Seda Nuvali


Situated at the Lakeside Evozone, this hotel prides itself as the first lifestyle hotel in Laguna and tucked away in the growing Nuvali community, the 2, 290 hectare township project of Ayala Land, that spans in the municipalities of Sta. Rosa, Calamba, and Cabuyao in Laguna.

Seda Nuvali

Website: http://www.sedahotels.com/nuvali/

Lakeside Evozone, NUVALI, Sta. Rosa
City, Laguna, 4026 Philippines
T: (6349) 2558888 | (6349) 5433788
F: (6349) 2558891
Email: nuv@sedahotels.com


At the lobby, you will be greeted by photographs of Paco Guerrero, wooden furniture by Kenneth Cobonpue, and be amazed by Ann Pamintuan’s metal mesh chair centerpiece.


This hotel offers 150 guest rooms, each with soothing color palette and consists of the following:

Deluxe Room: 

30 sqm in size

a king size or two twin beds

a 40-inch LED HDTV ning cable channels

media panel with HDMI

USB and audio-visual connectivity

complimentary Wi-Fi and broadband internet access

IDD phone with iPod dock

alarm clock, voice mail and radio

coffee and tea making facilities

in-room dining, mini-bar and in-room safe

SedaNuvaliGym_big SedaNuvaliGameRoom_big seda-nuvali-mistonew seda-nuvali-pool1

Amenities include [clockwise]: Gym, Game Room, Misto – hotel’s dining haven, and a very inviting Pool.


If you happen to have a kid, like the winner of the Best Blog Contest, staying at Seda Nuvali is worthwhile because aside from the exciting information mentioned above, it also has Playroom.

To know more about Seda Nuvali, kindly check the hotel’s fact sheet here.

Photo Credit: Seda Nuvali

Best Blog Contest Winner

Like what was posted on Abba 98 Realty’s FB Page few days ago, the Winner of the Best Blog Contest is Ms Richelle Molon of http://www.morenamom.com. Congratulations!

And to all of the bloggers who joined the contest, thank you so much!

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Top 3 Myths about Real Estate Agents/Brokers

Myth, defined by google as a widely held but false belief or idea.

On today’s post, we will tackle real estate myths that are commonly heard and defined by the general population. Need to keep in mind that not all information that you can access online are true. Be wise and do your own research.

Here are the top 3 myths about real estate agents / brokers that need debunking:


Real Estate Agents/Brokers Make A Lot of Money

A common knowledge about real estate agents is that they earn 6%  [general consensus] of the sale price of the home/condo, no matter what. Please take into consideration that if this is true to all, there are factors that public don’t realize that affect their commissions such as fuel, car maintenance, advertising expenses as well as load used in communicating with potential clients.

Real Estate Agents/Brokers Are All The Same

In real estate, we cannot compare a newbie to that of a veteran [an agent or broker for a decade or two] because each has completely different skill set, different experience level, and connections. When choosing a real estate agent, make sure that that person gives his  full attention, time, and effort in his profession.

Real Estate Agents/Brokers Will Do and Say Anything To Close a Sale

This may be true to some, but not all. Misrepresentations or a false statement is against the law that could lead to the loss of license to sell real estate. Also, most agents/brokers go by strict code of ethics and rules.

For example, in Abba 98 Realty, our business relies on referral, word of mouth, and repeat business.  If we try to sweet talk or lie to a client into buying a home, we’re unlikely to receive any recommendation from him/her.


Best Blog Contest: Judges and Participants

Abba 98 Realty would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Kathy of Amaia Nuvali for the sponsorship and the bloggers  for their cooperation in the recently completed “Amaia Blogger’s Day” held at the Amaia Showroom, Nuvali Laguna. It was indeed a very tiring and challenging day for all of us.

The second part of the event was the Best Blog Contest which ended [submission of entries] midnight of December 3, 2015. In the said contest, each participant need to blog about the Nuvali community and shared via social media once posted.

Here is the list of participants who were able to submit their entries on time:

  1. Kathy Kenny Ngo – Social media strategist, Blogger.

“If I were to choose a location for a future residence, Amaia Nuvali would definitely be a prime choice for my family and I. It has everything that I want in a place (peace and quiet) while being able to meet the adventurous streak of my little sister and son (zip lines, off road trails that can be perused with mountain bikes) and even a lake where we can have boat rides”.

Entry: http://www.lifeiskulayful.com/2015/11/amaia-nuvali.html

  1. Aileen Raquiza – Online writer since 2008, Blogger.

“With Amaia Steps Parkway NUVALI and Ayala Land’s commitment to sustainable living, you’re not simply getting a condominium unit. You’re also presented with a better lifestyle choice”.

Entry: http://aiquiza.com/are-you-ready-for-a-nuvali-lifestyle/

  1. Richelle Molon  – Stay-at-home mom, Blogger.

“Now, you can enjoy the ease of life and peace of nature. Why settle for one when you can have both? Amaia a more affordable housing version of Ayala. Kaya ko na!”.

Entry: http://morenamom.com/nuvali-hybrid-of-urban-living-and-pleasures-of-nature/

  1. Leo Salazar – Runner, Blogger.

“If I’ll be given a chance to buy a property in Laguna, considering the affordability, community and location, facilities and amenities, Amaia Steps Nuvali will be on my top priority”.

Entry: http://ohohleo.blogspot.com/2015/11/AmaiaBloggersDay.html

  1. Dems Angeles – Social Media / Copywriting consultant, Blogger

“I’ve been to Nuvali on several occasions but never really got to explore. That is until an invitation from Abba 98 Realty for Amaia Bloggers Day was sent my way”

Entry: http://demsangeles.com/2015/12/abba98-realty-amaia-bloggers-day/#sthash.Vu7AH1kJ.dpbs

  1. Aldrick Agpaoa – Lifestyle Blogger from Baguio City

“It is a balance of a living a modern life while situated in a peaceful façade of nature. It is the perfect dynamism of ergonomic living and sustainable development – a model community with less hassle, and more accessible, too!”

Entry: http://turistaboy.com/post/2015/nuvali-your-new-home-in-the-south/

  1. Josephine Bahala –  Mommy Blogger.

“Amaia Steps Parkway Nuvali is Ayala Land’s latest affordable mid-rise residential development in NUVALI wherein you can choose from spaciously designed units – Studio and Premier, which are both perfect for families who are just starting to build their own precious home, a place they can call their own!”.

Entry: http://www.triplejoys.com/index.php/2015/12/03/connect-with-nature-at-amaia-steps-parkway-nuvali/

These awesome contents are to be judged by equally awesome judges namely:
The announcement will be on 08 December 2015 on the Abba website and social media sites.
Stay tuned and Good Luck to all Participants.

Amaia Blogger’s Day in Nuvali

22 November 2015, Abba 98 Realty and Amaia Nuvali held the first Amaia Blogger’s Day. 

Amaia Blogger’s Day Proposal

Last October, Abba 98 Realty proposed this kind of event to Amaia to empower bloggers as a new set of marketers and in the mission to support small/ medium entrepreneurs specifically the bloggers.

“I’ve been supportive with this set, because it reminds me of my contacts in U.S. that thrive as a small business unit. It is a different culture. Here in the Philippines, there is a monopoly for big companies. I believe my cause for this event is important to highlight their role in providing unbiased opinions on particular subject matters. For me, the gathering is an important event to talk with them, enjoy, and to network with these people” – Sir Paolo

Why does Abba 98 Realty have the bloggers in mind?

According to Abba’s International Broker, Mr Paolo Flores, a few years ago, when he’s looking for different places to travel and eat, his search using Google pointed him mostly to blogs and it did helped him in many ways, especially when he’s looking for a “hole in a wall” restaurants.

“I followed some bloggers that consistently put out new content for my next food or travel adventure. It was cool knowing these new places as I’ve seen small businesses such as restaurants and small hotels flourish” – Sir Paolo

With such admiration to blogs, he experimented on making a website of his own, thus the birth of www.abbarealty.com.ph. With the help of his writer, he was able to document his journeys in promoting properties abroad and also in the hopes in helping his clients and contacts that would like to know what is going on and stay up-to-date with the latest news in the real estate industry.

Having this kind of mindset, Abba 98 Realty was able to build connection with its clients, good relationship with the project heads and officers, that resulted to an excellent performance, especially with the Amaia project which gave them the opportunity to host an event.

Amaia Blogger’s Day Event

41 out of the 50 bloggers that were invited attended the event.  5 vans were provided for the participants [service BGC-Nuvali / Nuvali to Alabang, Eastwood and BGC] and originally, should be waiting at the back of Market Market but due to problems with the parking, there’d been last minute changes with the meeting place. Event page was updated and participants were able to locate the said place. Vans #1 – #4 were able to leave before noon and van #5 was able to leave few minutes after.

At the venue, which is on the ground floor of Amaia Nuvali Showroom, bloggers were provided with simple lunch and some time to chat. There’d been a short talk as well and the first speaker was Ms Loreene  Natividad, Marketing Head for Amaia Land Corp, followed by Abba Int’l Broker, Mr Paolo Flores.  A quick presentation about Nuvali and its latest project was done by Ms Kathy Mamaril, Project Manager of Nuvali and Laguna Projects.

2 3

Here’s the speech given by Sir Paolo Flores during the event – kindly click here.


After the talk, bloggers were divided into 5 groups and tour the key and guarded places in Nuvali. Each van has an Amaia representative who can provide information during the tour. The first establishment visited was Miriam College, followed by Xavier, the construction site of the latest Amaia project, Amaia Steps Parkway, Solenad 1 and 2 then had a quick stop Republic1’s Wakeboarding. After that, the group went to evo living and checked out the A Glass of the Sea exhibition by The Mind Museum.


After the tour, the group headed back to the Amaia Showroom to grab a quick bite. Bread from Conti’s and refreshments were served (it was originally pancit but it got spoiled so had to make last minute purchase). When everyone was settled in, Ms Kathy headed the wine toast and the closing remarks.

1 2 3 4


While eating, we had fun with the photobooth and gave out our biggest smile. Aside from the pictures in the photobooth, the whole group also had some photo op outside. Kindly click here if you wish to view the Photobooth Album in Abba FB Page.

10 21 25


Thank you to those who participated in this simple get-together. Like in any gathering, we know that there are lapses and we sincerely apologize if some part of the event did not meet your expectation. Creating and executing this event are all based on a good intention, to meet and lend a day for bloggers. I know that this, being Abba’s first event, was risky, as previously discussed by Abba’s social media strategist/writer, due to the following factors:

  1. Coordination with the Sponsor because there’s no full control over the event. Tasks were divided, Donna – inviting bloggers, Paolo – proposed the event and coordinated with Amaia, and the rest were provided by the sponsor – food (lunch and merienda), van, loot.
  2. The invited guests/bloggers were supposedly for 30 but due to cancellation rate, it was raised to 50. At the event, 41 showed up and having a big crowd is not easy and but we made sure that there is enough manpower.

And after the event, here are the feedbacks received from some of the participants:

  1. Failure to make a quick stop on each place visited during the tour.
  2. Though there’d been lunch upon arrival and merienda provided after the tour, we should have given at least water during the tour. This was overlooked, thinking that we’ll be touring for more than an hour only.
  3. As a token of appreciation, a loot bag containing Amaia notebook and holder were given. Pardon if it includes flyers from Amaia because we thought that it’ll be good for marketing and food discount stubs from Nuvali food establishments. It was given, having a good intention, nothing else.

Hope that despite these, you were able to enjoy what we’ve given during the event and it was nice meeting and chatting with you all.

Abba 98 Realty

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