11/98: What Are the requirements of getting a loan?


One of our advantages dealing with our buyers is our ability to get them pre-approved. Since most of them are based outside the country, we have to find the ways on how to tackle each and every account. All accounts has there own unique situation. It is challenging at times, but with the support of our bank partners, we always get an approval.


There are a few ways that a loan would be denied, and most of it, is the fault of the borrower.


Here are the usual findings.


a. The inability of the borrower to respond to our calls – We have always encountered a client who is stalling the process even if we try to follow through with them.


b. The passive behavior from our buyers – People usually delay the requirements that would involve their time. The registration of documents which can only be done from the consular services on their country of work.


c. Misrepresentation of data submitted – This is also not uncommon. Changes in name and marital status creates a “ “slippery slope” in buying a property. It will only add up to the administrative charges required by the developer if it was updated just before the turnover process.


We can prevent these things from happening if they we’re transparent from the start. We assure our clients that all their info will be handled privately.


There are a lot of requirements when getting a loan. Call us now, and tell us your plan moving forward. We look towards your best interests in mind.


Arah Dayao

For more details or questions, you may directly message us here.

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