12/98: Abba 98 Realty = Property Manager of the Models in the Philippines?



Our Success story # 12, is our representation on our rental services to model and celebrity, Luke Jickain, (who also starred in some hit TV shows.)


I remember, writing this piece 2 weeks ago. After watching an old story in Maalala mo Kaya (in Youtube).




When I saw him while watching a random classic MMK story.. I thought to myself, that “ this guy is familiar”. And so.. I checked him out in the credits of the show, and found out that he is  “ in fact ” one of our clients.


He has played roles in Misibis Bay and Maria la del Barrio.








But what I liked the most, was his acting chops in Beki Boxer.




Anyway, going back to his story.. and how we managed his condo unit. We tried to offer our services of renting it within the month. ( For some reason, two of our agents scrambled for this listing. I don’t know if the reason is about the “ prime location ”or the chance to talk to a model/ celebrity. )


The 2 agents “ burned” the phone lines to schedule viewings. And.. in 3 days, they finally found a tenant.


Amaaazingg right???


I could tell that we did a fantastic job with the added “motivation”  from our 2 agents.


Getting a tenant in 3 days, allowed him to send us this video testimonial. 


Here you go as he tells the full story.



I am proud to say that I have served Luke in all his requests and needs. It would be very nice to meet him again and ask for an autographed selfie. ( Joke! )


We wish him more projects + profitable investments.




Arah Dayao


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