3 ways to effectively rent your condo. unit in the Philippines ( on a daily basis. )

Technology has been an advantage for small business owners. As a manager, we utilize the power of the internet to attract potential tenants. Most of our tenants are negotiated on a 1 year term. For the past few months, we have been trying to create new markets for the benefit of our clients. One of which, is exploring the market for short term rentals. We have been trying different ways to capture this segment and so far these are my top 3 ways to effectively rent your condo unit in the Philippines.


Neutralize the design – It is okay to pick a theme for a unit. But, to be safe, we encourage our clients to pick neutral styles and colors. I’ve been witness to some designs created by our landlords, thinking that they will use it for the long term purpose rather than the mindset of their tenant.




Add additional beds – Adding beds in your unit, would attract a bigger market. Families and sets of friends would consider the unit solely because they provide the need to sleep more than 2 persons. Pinoy culture includes the vacation of families and groups of friends, making this our top 2 in the list.


and finally..


Add WIFI connection – You can eliminate the television, radio, books but not the WIFI on a bnb unit. Any millenial would try and look at another option if they discovered that WIFI is not included in their bnb. Come to think of it.. you can watch, listen, and read in their cellphones.


Hoped we helped you guys with these 3 important tips.



Arah D



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