9/98: “ When she was asked how is our service – listen on how we found a way to close the lease contract ”


One of the old tenants in this San Antonio Village condominium has decided to transfer to another unit after the expiry of their previous contract. She liked the new unit, and she was willing to sign to the terms of the agreement.

 However, there is one problem.

The tenant doesn’t have any cheques which the landlord has required.

Post Dated Cheques are usually issued by the tenant in advance to show their commitment of paying their monthly rent on time.

Check out this interview with one of our tenants to find out that extra mile to close the deal.

It was just a subtle remark by our tenant on our rep’s last question. But there is a story behind every deal. For this tenant, we tried to complete her requirements by checking on some of our networks in the bank. Luckily, we have a tenant who is also a bank manager. We applied a checking account for our client through our tenant bank manager and there she was approved by the landlord and got the unit that she wanted.

These might be considered as small things that we do for our clients. But if you break it down, these small problems are the reason why deals do not go through. A passion to solve these concerns would not only yield in more closed deals but also a long term relationship that could be helpful in any future situation.


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