North Belton Communities: A missed opportunity for getting a house and lot near the future Quezon City business district.

5 years ago, Quirino Ave., in the area of Novaliches, is used to be known as a traffic congested area. As of today, with the completed construction of different flyovers and roads connecting to the North and alternate routes to C5 and Edsa, the area is improving to be a practical location for investors familiar in the North side of Metro Manila.

The locale has progressed in a mixed used community of business and leisure as new malls and buildings are steadily rising to provide for international offices and it’s future tenants.

Unfortunately, with the constant price increase, the buyers are limited to just buying a condominium. However, I think there is a missed opportunity for house hunting 3 miles away, ( or 5 kms. ) from the Trinoma and SM North. Both major malls will be considered as the future center of the Quezon City business district.

Our clients’ looking for a single detached house, will be lucky to snap up the few remaining house and lot packages left in the inventory.

To compare the pricing from a condominium in the area of Trinoma and SM North, here is a graph for your reference.


blog1 copy

As you can see, the convenience of getting a  condominium unit in the area of SM North and Trinoma is still ideal for renters. However, rental prices in the area of QC is still lower compared to Ortigas and Makati Central Business districts. The reason being is that the offices are yet to be finished, and the pricing of P 6,910,000.00 , just translates to an average ROI ( Return on Investment ) of less than 5% since it has yet to be developed.

But again, if there is an opportunity to get a house and lot a few miles away from the future QC Central Business District, wouldn’t it be an ideal asset?

Here are some of our reasons why you need to consider our offered house and lot properties.

First, with a pricing of P6,910,000.00 you get a free parking space already.

Compared with the condominiums in the area of SM North and Trinoma, this one comes with a garage.


Second, you get a total of 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms plus an area for garden.


washington copy


grace residences copy

Third, the prospective of a popular commercial mall rising within the North Belton Community will only increase the price values once full blast construction starts.

mall copy

Fourth, lower density compared to the QC condominiums.

per floor copy

With just a few houses in this neighborhood, there will be a greater demand for rentals and even the purchase of the property in the future. Combine it with a promising mixed used development of a residential zone and a commercial mall, then, you get a limited asset good for future investment.

To check out our suggested house and lot computation, Here are some details.

                                         Model House:              Washington House

                                         Lot Size:                    104.13 sqm or 1,120.44 sq ft.

                                         Selling Price:              P6,910,000.00 / $141,020.41

                                         Month 1-12:               P139,791.67 / $2,858.89 per month

                                         75% Balance:             P5,182,500.00 / $105,765.31

                                                                      Bank Financing:

                                                       10 years: P57,537.00 / $1,174.00

                                                       15 years: P43,733.00 / $   893.00

                                                       20 years: P37,192.00 / $   758.00

Please take note that this property is RFO ( Ready for Occupancy ) However, there is a 50% downpayment requirement to be made. Which means, to occupy the property with the following payment term, takes at least 1 year. The good thing with this house, is you can set a tripping and take a look at the current status of the community and it’s actual layout. The property will be refurbished as brand new, once the buyer is in the process of putting in the payments made towards the house.


If you have any inquiries, call us now at the following numbers:

Office No. 956-3284

Mobile No. (0915)567-7656 |  (0922)813-2658

US Line: 001 562 443 8556



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