Want to check out a property investment in Quezon City for just P 1 Million Pesos ( or $ 20,000 in US Dollars? )

With the global increase in property values in the Philippines. It is hard to find a property that is both ready for occupancy and easy on the pocket. With this concern on hand, we have looked at different properties and checked out their potential for investment or end use. And in this area of Quezon City, we have decided to add this condominium community to our listings.

Let me tell you why:

Light payment terms and Ready for Occupancy units


the manors_studio sample computation_1

The property only requires at least a spot downpayment of 10% to move in within 3 months.

Low density and decent amenities are already available.



5 floors per building and lots of open space to offer including a Central amenities of Swimming pool, Basketball Court and a  Central Clubhouse for neighbors to commune.

Proximity to major commercial malls and the future Quezon City Business District.

eton mall

It is 3 miles away from the future Quezon City Business District, Vertis North, Centris Offices and the Cloverleaf development in Balintawak area. These areas of development will include offices for future tenants of the Manors. Some of these employees and professionals would still consider the affordability of getting a unit near their workplace with a fixed budget as their top consideration.

Decent gross returns of 7 – 8.4%


The return on investment for our landlords in this area is between 7 to 8.4%. Not withstanding the potential for bigger gains once the construction of the commercial mall in the area start on full blast mode.

Limited payment term up to December 2017 only.

The proposed construction for the nearby commercial mall is expected to start on December 2017. Therefore, the promo pay term posted below is only good up to Dec. 31, 2017.

Here below is a sample computation for a studio unit. We only have 5 studio units available.

the manors_studio sample computation ($)

PowerPoint Presentation

If you have any inquiries, call us now at the following numbers:

Office No. 956-3284

Mobile No. (0915)567-7656

US Line: 001 562 443 8556




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