Abba Realty partners with Bank of Commerce for their home loans


Ever wondered how to get a home loan but you don’t know which bank to approach?

Or perhaps you are outside the Philippines and you want to invest in real property but does not have a physical representative in the country?

Fret no more!

Abba Realty has partnered with Bank of Commerce (BoC)  to help make your dream property a reality.

Here’s why you should start on that dream now with Abba and Bank of Commerce:

1. BoC terms is very attractive. They have a 5% downpayment (DP) scheme then the rest can be enrolled in bank financing. Compared to other banks, BoC can accommodate financing of up to 95% of the total contract price while other banks only offer 80% to 90% financing scheme.

2. BoC has longer terms. Subject to approval, BoC can accommodate loan maturity date of the applicants until they are 70 years of age while other banks restrict loan applicant’s maturity date up to when they are 60 years old.

3. Ease of processing. Applicants can send through email all their requirements including their signed application form to Abba Realty. This is very useful especially if you are an investor residing outside the Philippines. Once the loan is approved,  applicant can just send us Special Power of Attorney so that we can have the documents notarized and have the original copies sent to our office.

4. Fast approval turnaround time. It takes 2-3 weeks for your loan to be approved as long as requirements are complete.

5. You will be well represented. After the approval, Abba need a Special Power of Attorney to enact all the requirements for your home loan. Your attorney in fact will open an account where you can deposit the payment for your monthly amortization.

Check out this video we prepared for you to know more about what we are talking about:

We hope that we have piqued your interest to start on your new investment this year! Call us today to inquire.


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