New Year’s Resolution

Another year has passed and we are in a time where we evaluate ourselves. Our performance has allowed us to add more members to our company, a bigger space for office, and a promotion of a coordinator to a manager. These are all small signs of improvement in our operations and we are looking forward to serve our clients with the expansion of our services through “short term“ property rentals. It has become a selling point especially for our investors. Some agents would also say the same, that they can have your unit rented out, but in fact, do nothing about it when the time comes your property is ready for occupancy. For us, we have compiled some testimonials from the clients who we continuously develop our relationship, and you will see it on our posts in the next few days.

2017 is another time for excellence. We are optimistic of the market that we serve, as we try to improve by the means of an increase in production and closed deals. With this, here are some of our New Year’s resolutions for our clients, partners, lessees, and developers.




  1. To our clients..

We have never ignored our clients especially when it comes to their concerns. We’ve fought for their rights and we always explore every possible avenue to come up with a solution. The usual concerns of our clients is the demand letters that they got from developers and the penalties that was incurred which is sometimes not justified. We look forward on solving your problems, but please, we also need your cooperation. Your response is very important in authorizing us to handle a particular concern. A delay in this action would affect a particular request.




  1. To our partners..

Without our referrers and marketing partners, we will never be able to be given a chance to present our unique programs. We will try to communicate and engage with you in our future presentations.




  1. To our lessees..

Thank you for the trust that you’ve given. We are confident that we have been able to serve your needs very well. Our door is always open if you have any comments or concerns.




  1. To our partner developers..

We have forwarded some valid requests from the clients. Unfortunately, we have become irate at times with the slow processing of these requests. But then, in the end, we realize that who we’re talking to, is just doing his job. Usually, one doesn’t have the full authority to decide on a particular request. So the problem might be in the system. A system, that doesn’t allow long term relationships to flourish between the developer and the buyers. A system that is prone to miscommunication with different departments. A system that is prone to a higher turnover in their jobs that the new replacement will be a pawn to the current concerns of the previous buyers all resulting in bad customer service. And with this, I thank the developers for their lack of empathy to their buyers. Without you, (pardon the pun) we have increased our contacts and we are still in business. But again, more than anything, we would like to engage with our partner developers as much as possible to provide a faster resolution of the clients’ concerns.


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