Can you find a tenant for your unit in two weeks?

Nowadays, many real estate  buyers purchase condominiums for investment, where the passive income from having it rented out to a tenant is just too attractive to ignore. What most tend to forget, though, is that there are many other buyers who have the same intent and are also fighting for the same tenants. With the competition as tight as ever, it would take the lessor a considerable amount of time, effort, and money to make sure he can have the unit rented out the moment it has been turned over to him.

Since we from Abba 98 Realty would like to make things easier for our lessors, our goal is to ensure they get to have their unit rented out at the least amount of time, effort, and money. An example of this was the lessor of unit which we’ve recently rented out to a tenant within two weeks.

Last September 11, the lessor consulted with us on how to have his Belton Place 1-bedroom unit rented out. We immediately advertised this unit last September 11 in our online sites and through our personal network. Simultaneously, we personally visited his unit to evaluate what else can be done to make it  more salable. From our visit, we were able to give advice the lessor to do just a bit of renovation to upgrade his unit, which he’d gladly agreed to.

To ensure that the upgrade was being done properly, our team constantly checked the workers during the renovation. This monitoring helped ensure that the renovations were being done correctly; were of quality; and were completed within one week.


A week after the renovations were finished, we were already able to close a deal with a tenant. Among so many other options, the tenant chose the unit not just because we were one of the first agents to offer it to him, but also because he found it to be a well-furnished, readily available unit with a reasonable price.

The bottom line? It is possible to get a tenant for your unit in two weeks! Either you can look for a tenant on your own by spending a lot of time, effort and money—or you can simply let Abba 98 Realty take care of the leasing so you spend much less of those.

Congratulations to our new tenant….

…and of course, our successful lessor. ..




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