New Belton Place 1 bedroom unit listing in Makati area under construction

We are excited to add another unit to promote for our rentals in Makati. I have reconnected with the owner of the unit, a client 10 years ago, as he asked for our help in renting out his properties.  We set up an appointment to sign contracts and he finally gave us the keys for an ocular. He is having it rented at P 10,000.00, which is 30% less than the current market rate. Sadly, he didn’t know anything about the current rates. So we checked on the current status of the unit, here are some of the photos.



With the furnitures left by the last tenant, it was very disorganized. So I have to tell him to have it repainted at the very least. He can also have it furnished but I advised that it will take time, so he decided to just provide it with the necessary things such as the basic dining area, an extra A/C unit, living area, refrigerator and a bed. Good thing he heed our advice as we assisted the workers to the unit as they painted the walls. Here are some of the photos of the current renovation works.


Here are the actual pictures after the renovation.


We will post more photos next week as we market it to our prospects who would like to rent this out.


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