Six residential lots for offer in Venare

We are now down to 6 lots in Venare. If you are thinking of setting up your home for end use or investment, this could be a good option. The remaining inventory is intended for the different types of buyers that I highlighted below.

Our first lot, is for families looking at 380 sqm., of space.

It is rectangular by lot shape.


It’s frontage is intended for car park entry, and the house is ideally constructed  on the left side given it’s orientation.


 It has a small frontage but it also has a garden patch that serves as a rotunda.

img_5610 The lot also stands on a higher terrain within it’s block. This is ideal for persons who are low key  but who are willing to maximize the area for construction since the house will be covered by it’s  surrounding neighbors in the future.  

 The 2nd lot is also attractive since it is a corner lot. Below, is the lot plan.


It is located at the back of the “ Me Zone ” amenities. The 3 cornered lot allow for the maximum use of space. Here are some of the photos.


The 3rd lot is located on a higher ground. It is fronting a built house and one could only imagine the views of the village in this area. There is a generous supply of “ panambak “ that can be used for construction. This is my co-agent’s favorite lot for offer in the area because of its high terrain.

 Here are some photos of the lot.

 img_5621I took a pic of the house fronting the lot.

The fourth lot is ideal for people who would like to live near the main clubhouse and the main entry to the village. It is across the 2 houses; one is finished, and the other one is currently under construction.

The “ Perimeter Lot ”

They say that a lot near the perimeter fence is not ideal than the other lots. I beg to differ since the lot is located across the perimeter fence. The fence is treelined with plants and greens which will only grow in the next few years. This could be a good eye candy for the future lot owner. A construction of at least a 2 storey house in this lot will also get a view of the main highway and the patch of greens. Being the most affordable in the area, this could be a practical way of acquiring a property in an Ayala Company.

The “ Tumbok Lot ”

 Some of our clients believe that lots fronting a road is “ bad luck ”, but some do not mind this superstition. The photo of the lot plan below shows the wide frontage of the lot.

I also took a photo of the built house beside this lot.

Notice our vehicle in this road, it is fronting the lot and on the right is the built house. 

This lot offers a bigger frontage. If you are supersititious, then you can hire a feng shui expert before finishing the construction plan of your house. 

After checking on these new listings, we headed to Solenad Mall in Nuvali to get some dinner.

 img_5753Shown here is Tita A Concepcion in Charlemagne Restaurant.

These lots area for offer. If you would like to know more details or to schedule a tripping, please PM ( private message ) us in the comments section below.


Office No. 956-3284

Mobile Nos. (0917)817-2656 | (0915)567-7656

US Line: 001 562 443 8556


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