Why do you need a property manager in the Philippines?



Having a dedicated property manager is very important so that:


  1. You can do other things while we take care of the upkeep of your property – By this, we take responsibility on monitoring the issues of the tenants. Sometimes, an extension is cancelled by the tenant because of the poor after sales service extended by the owner or the property manager.


  1. We can take care of the client issues- Some of our landlords do not realize the costs associated with managing properties. we had a few clients, who refused to pay our service fees because they thought that they are saving a lot of money, or they think that they’re doing good. Excuse me, but it is not how we do business. We are glad to part ways with clients who has this kind of mindset. I wonder how they’re doing right now, especially when times are tough. So far, those who honored our contracts, has extended their lease, providing them passive income in this challenging environment.


  1. We make sure that rental payments are transported conveniently – Since more than 60% of our clients are based outside the Philippines, we send them different options that are convenient to them. Different countries adapt to different customs. But one thing is for sure, is that we consult our clients their ideal way on sending the $$$.


Just so that our landlords can see what goes on behind the scenes, here is a new new testimonial from the move out of one of our long term tenants.



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