7/ 98 : Flashback to Amaia Bloggers Day.

Last November 22, 2015, was a good one for our international promotions of Amaia Land Corp. The developer is the economic arms of Ayala Land.  The success of the international roadshow has given us an opportunity to request for an event to commemorate the presence of the bloggers in terms of marketing online.

Picture of the 40 Bloggers with our lead broker Paolo Flores.


22With our lead broker Paolo Flores. Presentation of Nuvali with the bloggers.

1Followed by the Marketing Head of Amaia.

4An interview with our broker manager of Amaia.

Different subject bloggers from food, travel, and events has graced this moment. The project was proposed in behalf of small or even ” one person ”  businesses thriving in a competitive online space. Abba 98 Realty also sees some identical traits from these bloggers who turn their passion into a venture.

Bloggers at Nuvali Evoliving Center


A small talked about Nuvali presented by broker manager of Amaia.

The event has not gone very well. It was disorganized and the developer was not ready to host the 40 invited guests. But to send the message and dedicate it to the hardworking digital marketers on this event is priceless.
wqine toast
A wine toast headed by broker manager of Amaia and our lead broker Paolo Flores as closing remarks.

Photobooth with the Bloggers.


Here is a video to open the Amaia Bloggers Day.



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