October 26, Thursday: Kangen 9 Global Thursday Meeting: How to diversify your portfolio with kangen and condominium rental properties in the Philippines

Kangen 9 Global Speaker, Mr. Jeffery Estana, will talk about his success as an independent distributor of the company. He will talk about how he started, and how he progressed from networker to a leader.



With his success in building a wide network, he has invested some of his savings in different assets.





The 2nd part of the talk would focus on the alternative investments that our kababayans in California may consider. Thee different kind of properties will be discussed briefly. One property is ideal for rental income, the 2nd one, is the sale of office condominiums in Manila and the last is about retirement lots for empty nesters. Different properties for different needs.



Join us on October 26 @ Comfort In Chula Vista.

6:60 to 8:30 pm.

Free dinner for our invited guests and RSVP.

It is the best time to network on this event together with like minded entrepreneurs.

RSVP now..

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Or you can send us a message below:


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