Why Rent and Why Attend?


Why Rent ?

When you can rent to own?  that is the BIG question.

This February, we have one of the most unique programs available to our  kababayans abroad.

Our “Why Rent?” presentation is available until February only until further notice. This program is limited and uncommon in the real estate industry in the Philippines.


Take a look and see.. this is the only chance to pay reasonable  amounts or monthly mortgage ranging from 250 to 275 dollars a month after the initial earnest money or reservation fee of $ 410.
The property can be used, abused, occupied and have it leased one month after the 1st amortization.
Our ideal buyer on this program is somebody who would consider getting a property in the Philippines as their
Someone who will retire in the Philippines and like to test the waters of it’s environment.


and most of all..


Someone who values their freedom to move and  detach from their  relatives back home 😉


International investors will be delighted  too that condominiums in the Philippines are of absolute ownership. This means that they can own the condo unit 100%… Yes 100%… This is different compared to other Asian countries which has so many restrictions  in land ownership.high

So try to spend your weekend with us and assess..if this one is for you.



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