Amaia Blogger’s Day in Nuvali

22 November 2015, Abba 98 Realty and Amaia Nuvali held the first Amaia Blogger’s Day. 

Amaia Blogger’s Day Proposal

Last October, Abba 98 Realty proposed this kind of event to Amaia to empower bloggers as a new set of marketers and in the mission to support small/ medium entrepreneurs specifically the bloggers.

“I’ve been supportive with this set, because it reminds me of my contacts in U.S. that thrive as a small business unit. It is a different culture. Here in the Philippines, there is a monopoly for big companies. I believe my cause for this event is important to highlight their role in providing unbiased opinions on particular subject matters. For me, the gathering is an important event to talk with them, enjoy, and to network with these people” – Sir Paolo

Why does Abba 98 Realty have the bloggers in mind?

According to Abba’s International Broker, Mr Paolo Flores, a few years ago, when he’s looking for different places to travel and eat, his search using Google pointed him mostly to blogs and it did helped him in many ways, especially when he’s looking for a “hole in a wall” restaurants.

“I followed some bloggers that consistently put out new content for my next food or travel adventure. It was cool knowing these new places as I’ve seen small businesses such as restaurants and small hotels flourish” – Sir Paolo

With such admiration to blogs, he experimented on making a website of his own, thus the birth of With the help of his writer, he was able to document his journeys in promoting properties abroad and also in the hopes in helping his clients and contacts that would like to know what is going on and stay up-to-date with the latest news in the real estate industry.

Having this kind of mindset, Abba 98 Realty was able to build connection with its clients, good relationship with the project heads and officers, that resulted to an excellent performance, especially with the Amaia project which gave them the opportunity to host an event.

Amaia Blogger’s Day Event

41 out of the 50 bloggers that were invited attended the event.  5 vans were provided for the participants [service BGC-Nuvali / Nuvali to Alabang, Eastwood and BGC] and originally, should be waiting at the back of Market Market but due to problems with the parking, there’d been last minute changes with the meeting place. Event page was updated and participants were able to locate the said place. Vans #1 – #4 were able to leave before noon and van #5 was able to leave few minutes after.

At the venue, which is on the ground floor of Amaia Nuvali Showroom, bloggers were provided with simple lunch and some time to chat. There’d been a short talk as well and the first speaker was Ms Loreene  Natividad, Marketing Head for Amaia Land Corp, followed by Abba Int’l Broker, Mr Paolo Flores.  A quick presentation about Nuvali and its latest project was done by Ms Kathy Mamaril, Project Manager of Nuvali and Laguna Projects.

2 3

Here’s the speech given by Sir Paolo Flores during the event – kindly click here.


After the talk, bloggers were divided into 5 groups and tour the key and guarded places in Nuvali. Each van has an Amaia representative who can provide information during the tour. The first establishment visited was Miriam College, followed by Xavier, the construction site of the latest Amaia project, Amaia Steps Parkway, Solenad 1 and 2 then had a quick stop Republic1’s Wakeboarding. After that, the group went to evo living and checked out the A Glass of the Sea exhibition by The Mind Museum.


After the tour, the group headed back to the Amaia Showroom to grab a quick bite. Bread from Conti’s and refreshments were served (it was originally pancit but it got spoiled so had to make last minute purchase). When everyone was settled in, Ms Kathy headed the wine toast and the closing remarks.

1 2 3 4


While eating, we had fun with the photobooth and gave out our biggest smile. Aside from the pictures in the photobooth, the whole group also had some photo op outside. Kindly click here if you wish to view the Photobooth Album in Abba FB Page.

10 21 25


Thank you to those who participated in this simple get-together. Like in any gathering, we know that there are lapses and we sincerely apologize if some part of the event did not meet your expectation. Creating and executing this event are all based on a good intention, to meet and lend a day for bloggers. I know that this, being Abba’s first event, was risky, as previously discussed by Abba’s social media strategist/writer, due to the following factors:

  1. Coordination with the Sponsor because there’s no full control over the event. Tasks were divided, Donna – inviting bloggers, Paolo – proposed the event and coordinated with Amaia, and the rest were provided by the sponsor – food (lunch and merienda), van, loot.
  2. The invited guests/bloggers were supposedly for 30 but due to cancellation rate, it was raised to 50. At the event, 41 showed up and having a big crowd is not easy and but we made sure that there is enough manpower.

And after the event, here are the feedbacks received from some of the participants:

  1. Failure to make a quick stop on each place visited during the tour.
  2. Though there’d been lunch upon arrival and merienda provided after the tour, we should have given at least water during the tour. This was overlooked, thinking that we’ll be touring for more than an hour only.
  3. As a token of appreciation, a loot bag containing Amaia notebook and holder were given. Pardon if it includes flyers from Amaia because we thought that it’ll be good for marketing and food discount stubs from Nuvali food establishments. It was given, having a good intention, nothing else.

Hope that despite these, you were able to enjoy what we’ve given during the event and it was nice meeting and chatting with you all.

Abba 98 Realty

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