Is Owning a Condo Unit Right for YOU?


Are you planning to buy and eventually move into a new condo unit? Before making that big step, think things through and ask yourself these 5 important questions:

  1. Is it affordable? Condominiums are often priced lower compared to family homes. If you are looking for a starter home then owning a condo is a good step.
  2. Could you maximize the use of amenities being offered? One of the perks of living in a condominium is access to a swimming pool, play ground, or gym perhaps? With the kind of lifestyle that you have, do you still have time to enjoy it?
  3. Is the space enough for you? Condo living could sometimes mean you need to thrive in small space. Having small space is not that bad because it could motivate you in thinking on how to maximize the available area.
  4. Do you prioritize convenience? Tired of traveling 1-2 hrs to and from the office everyday? If yes, then it is more practical to own a condo unit. Most of it are located near the business districts, hence it is accessible.
  5. Are you ready to pay the homeowners association fees? As you may imagine, the pool, gym, playground, and other amenities require maintenance and maintenance costs money. When you are a condo unit owner, you essentially become a business partner in that community and you need to pay a monthly fee each month, the homeowners association fee, which will be used to pay such.

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