Types of Buyers

In real estate, we encounter different types of people. Each experience is different and truly unique. But generally, property buyer may fall on one of these types:

  1. Straightforward Buyer – this is the type of person who is ready, done his research, willing, and able. He either transferred job and is looking for a new place to stay or he could also be a newly-wed who is looking for a starter home. He could simply be a person who wants a property, have the money, and wanted one right now.
  1. Bargain-Hunter – the typical line of a bargain-hunter is that “another project gave me xx% off, maybe you could also do that or else, I might consider his offer instead of yours”. This type of person ideally wants to get all the discounts that the agent can get for him.
  1. Excited Buyer – the type of person who needs no convincing and more than willing to empty his trust fund just to get the property he has his eyes on. These are impulsive buyers, and typically will check the necessary fees that go with acquiring the property after sale.
  1. Casual Looker – this is the type who likes to look at many houses, check his options, compares prices, and cannot really tell if he is a sure buyer.
  1. The “I don’t know” Buyer – the type of person who really needs more attention as he may have the money but really is not sure what he really want. He could also be scouting for the best deal but does not necessary know what to do if in case he sees one. He needs someone who could further explain the pros and cons of getting a property.

How about you? What type of buyer are you?


Here at Abba 98 Realty, whatever type of buyer you are, you’re always welcome to give us a call and we’re more than happy to assist and answer all of your queries.

Why? Because it’s more than the sale, it’s the good relationship, loyalty of clients, and excellent service that we provide to customers is more important for us.


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Mobile No. (0915)567-7656

US Line: 001 562 443 8556


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