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condo in the Philippines


Dear kababayans and Filipinos based in California,
 I would like to inform our investors and friends from my 4-month trip, that we are currently processing the documentation of your chosen units/ properties. Most of the Pag-Ibig applications are now on their way to the Shaw Blvd. Main Office, although some of our buyers need to fulfill the minor requirements needed to process their Pag-Ibig membership. For your concerns and follow up queries on this matter, we can always call our Makati office from 5 p.m. – 11.30 p.m. (Pacific Time) and contact our very helpful coordinator, Arah at the following numbers:
US Magic Jack: 562 443 8556*
Viber | PH Mobile: 63917 8172656
Makati Office: 632 9563284
I have dedicated this website to be an avenue for our current promoters and buyers to check in for the updates on the projects that we promoted thus far. I would also post the different topics that are related to the industry and photos of our events. Our pictures together will just remind me and the company of our vision to provide every buyer or investor the impeccable service that they deserve. With all the paperworks and processes present when buying a property, I guess we would like to call this our niche, which is to solve our clients’ problems and concerns and make it easier for them so they can just concentrate on doing their jobs as a professional or a businessman.
 With this being said, I am privileged to be given another opportunity to host a small presentation in Glendale in California and in San Diego. We are given enough budget for the food  and the hotel reservations as well as my travel back to the City of Angels. 
I will be available from August 24 to Aug 30 if there will be anything else that you need. 
For our buyers, I am looking forward to bring you the copy of your contract to sell (CTS) and the approved Pag-Ibig membership applications that were applied for our buyers on the month of March and April.
For our promoters and marketers, I am looking forward to your support, by inviting your friends and their friends to our dinner presentation again on the following day:
condo in the Philippines
Your participation will be appreciated as we continue our goal of getting your friends the best properties available in the Philippines.
Stay tuned for our e invite. Please share this to your social media sites (FacebookInstagramTwitter)
Let us spread the good news.
Truly yours,

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