Eton Parkview Greenbelt

This is a premium, 33 storeys, ALL LOFT residential masterpiece at the center of a prestigious Makati neighborhood – Legaspi Village.


BUILDING COMPOSITION: Located at the basement are the Parking and Building Administration Office. On the Ground floor is where the Main Lobby and Commercial Shops can be found. 2nd to 7th floor are parking deck and 8th floor is the amenity floor with Condominium Loft Units while 10th to 33rd floor occupies the Residential Condominium Loft Units.

BUILDING FEATURES: 2 Elevators, Airconditioned Main Lobby, Admin Office, Mail Room, CCTV, Fully-Automated Fire and Smoke Detection System, Water Reservoir & Separate Fire Reserves, Standby Emergency Power and Centralized Garbage Room.


It has world-class amenities such as Swimming Pool, Fitness Center, Function Room, Children’s Playground, Lobby and Lounge Area.


ADDRESS: Eton Parkview Greenbelt, Gamboa Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City

ACCESSIBILITY: 150 m from Asian Institute of Management I 250 m from Greenbelt I 600 m from Ayala Avenue I 700 m from Makati Avenue I 740 m Makati Medical Center I 1.4km from MRT Ayala Station I 1.2 km from EDSA

Acquire a piece of this property and everything that you need (near the school, hospital, mall, metro railway train, EDSA, Makati Business District) will be within reach!



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Office No. 956-3284

Mobile Nos. (0915)567-7656 |  (0922)813-2658

US Line: 001 562 443 8556


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Buying a Property to be your Home? Remember these things!


So you’ve finally decided to invest your money in something tangible – a property that could be your home (or your first investment) in the coming years. Congratulations, you are one step ahead of many people.

According to Ivana Trump, the wife of American business magnate, Donald Trump, real estate is something that everyone should look into.

To quote her —

"I always felt very secure and very safe with real estate. Real estate always appreciates."

So now that you on the right path, let us just give you some few tips on the things you should bear in mind when embarking on your first property acquisition.

1. Balance your needs vs your wants. 

Do you need a two-bedroom condominium or you just want it? Do you need a house and lot or condominium living is more practical and appropriate for you? Balance your needs and your wants and see what property is really suited for you.

2. Location, location, location. 

You have heard this adage many times but this is really relevant. How do you envision your life to be when you finally step into your property? Do you want the rustic and green environment like the properties in Nuvali? Do you want the hustling busy night life of the city? Do you want a property that is just inside Makati which is stone’s throw away from your office? Consider all these things when you head on for your property search.

3. Check the neighbourhood out. 

This is of course very important when you start inhabiting your home. Most developers though would have taken care of this aspect as they make sure that their properties are in prime developed areas where their tenants would have everything they need.

4. Conduct a background check of the developer and check out reviews of their turned-over properties. 

Different developers have different specialties. Some focus on resort-type low-rise condominiums; others on high-rise and hotel-like properties. Again, it goes back to your preference. What is it that would suit your lifestyle?

5. Review the financing options. 

Make sure to go into great detail about payment schemes and financing options of the properties you are targeting to buy. Here in Abba Realty, we have a strong partnership with Pag-ibig to help you ease in to your buying process.

Buying a property with the help of Abba Realty will guarantee you a headache-free transaction which will save you time and a lot of effort. Contact us today and let us know how we can be of help and we will make sure that you get that haven of yours in no time.

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