Upscale condominium to be turned in a 2 bedroom studio.

One of our long time clients based in California, has bought a property in the next business district in Quezon City. He was bullish with the market prior to the Covid spread which happened during the 1st quarter of the year. Today, units has to provide more value than ever, a more unique concept, and a practical idea for tenants. The photos below we’re taken from the turnover proceedings.

Our advice was to put a partition that would create two rooms. Efficient rooms will allow half of the space to be rented out. Our group was also optimistic with an addition of bunk bed, a coffee table in the common area, and the connectivity through WIFI. Our target market for the particular set up has now been reduced to locals employed through Call center agencies and other surviving foreign companies.

Here is the video of the turnover.

Right now, we cannot imagine how the contractor is going to do it. But we are optimistic that being different from the current inventory holds an edge in profit and rentability.


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