10/98: Pag-IBIG: We educate people on this alternative government financing.


Okay. The last testimony that I published was from August 26, 2018. Here is the link if you missed it:

Abba 98 Testimony 9/98

It was a hectic schedule during the last quarter of 2018, that I haven’t uploaded some new content on the site.

Since we are coming up with a small group presentation in the near future, I would like to highlight our dedication to create events for different companies.

One of our presentation that we had is from Pag-IBIG. Pag-IBIG is a government financing program that allows Filipino citizens to loan a property for up to 30 years.

We have requested the presence of Mr. Lagronio to present in behalf of Pag-IBIG Financing.



Comparing the rates today versus the banks, Pag-IBIG is slightly lower than the leading commercial banks. Here is a comparison between the two programs.




The program also allows for different types of loans. Construction and interior design services can also be loaned through the program.

How do you become a member?

First, you have to sign a set of forms, and submit it together with the minimum requirements.



Go to the nearest Pag-IBIG Office to submit the MDF form/s together the 2 valid government issued id’s and payment.

Second, you can do monthly payments or if you need to use a home loan, you can also pay the amount spot on. The staggered payments are about  P 200.00 or $ 4.00 a month.

If you have a target property in mind, I would advise that you pay the minimum amount of P4,800.00 or $91.00, spot on.

And there you go. You are ready to own a home.

If you want to check out this presentation, I would advise that you put it on loud or you can use your earphones/ headphones so you can also rewind on some important questions that we’re asked by our audience. Aside from that, Mr. Lagronio, has shared some information for some unique circumstances that may occur prior the approval of the loan.

Here is our video presentation.

These government programs has been an ideal option considering the slight increase in bank interest rates. Right now, we are promoting a new property in Pioneer – Edsa area.

I will let you know all the details about it.. Stay tuned!

For more details or questions, you may directly message us here.

Office No. 956-3284

Mobile Nos. (0915)567-7656

US Line: 001 562 443 8556








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