TOP 10 furnitures and equipments furnished for condominium unit owners in Mall of Asia.

Majority of our clients, are also based abroad. Sometimes, they ask us to handle the selection for the furnishings. To round up the year 2018, here are some of the furnitures and equipments that we have added for them before renting their unit.

Refrigerator / Kelvinator – SM appliances / P12,199.00


Window Type Aircon / LG – SM Appliances / 1 HP – P16,456 / 1.5 HP – P21,955.00

Washing Machine/LG – SM Appliances/P11,290.00

Dining Table/Ansons– Cash and Carry / P12,595.00

Shower Heater/Ecotherm/P6,000.00 (installation included)

Induction/Asahi-SM Appliances/P2,950.00


                     Bedframe/Ansons – Cash and Carry / P11,495.00

Bedfoam/Ansons-Cash and Carry / P8,390.00


Microwave / Samsung-SM Appliances / P3,795.00


We do not provide interior services ( since we are not an interior design company ). But, in line with our goal to provide the best value for their money, we only include these select fixtures and equipments for our investors.


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