5/98: Makati condominium owner’s story; from no tenant in 3 years and now with a tenant in 3 days.



One of our landlords based in the Middle East, highlights his story from getting a Belton Place condominium unit in the Philippines from Saudi Arabia. As an OFW, he was convinced to invest a property in Makati. Unfortunately, it was a failure from the start. He was supposed to get a 2 bedroom unit, but when the project was done, he realized that he got 2 different units. A studio, and a 1 bedroom layout. He and her partner carried on and just continued with their monthly obligations. The unit was then turned over, and he was optimistic of having it rented, first hand.  However, after 3 years, their unit still remains empty, instead of making it an income producing asset. Check out his experience below on how he managed to go from no tenant in 3 years to having a tenant in 3 days.
We still keep in touch with our landlord. Cheers to more property rentals in the future.
If you know anyone who has condominium units in San Antonio Village area, please give us a message.

Office No. 632 956-3284

Mobile No. +63 915 567-7656

US Line: 001 562 443 8556




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