Why are Real Estate Developers in the Philippines not aware of their poor customer service with their clients?

Most balikbayans and OFW’s who invested in a property in the Philippines, always had an issue with the developers. This is common especially for international clients. Some are already fed up with the back and forth thread of conversations thru emails between the developer and the client and most of the time, they decide to just cancel their investment.


I have no idea on the exact reason, but based from the issues that we handled before, here are some of our theories.

  1. Lack of training in handling real estate documentation concerns.


One of the major flops here is the lack of knowledge of the developers representative. Most of their employees are not fully equipped to handle the step by step procedure. Sometimes you cannot blame the frontliner officers since they have certain protocols to follow. One of the example, is the long wait for a required signature of different department heads before starting the particular resolution. Afterwards it will be passed on the different departments. The agent or the client can follow up, but in the process, no one in their office would take responsibility. In the end, the clients are sometimes compromised with penalties while account status are on hold while resolving the concern.

2. Miscommunication between departments.


This usually happens when we are going deeper in communications with the developer. For some reason, I do not understand, why these officers cannot just meet in person, when all of them are in the same building. Sometimes they even requested us to be present just to resolve their self inflected errors.

However, if it happens more than just once, it just takes up a lot of time.


3. High turnover in the Customer Service Departments.


The high turnover of the employees in the customer service and documentations department does not contribute to the resolution of the client concerns. These sections are sensitive positions, and it would only benefit the company if they take care of the people who handle these issues. We have a lot of experience dealing with new employees, who doesn’t know the history of the buyers account. Since this is the primary weakness of the developer, I think they should make some efforts to prolong the officers position.


The system of real estate in our country is not yet perfect. We have a lot of concerns that needs to be solved. These concerns start with the real estate developers and departments. To the agents and buyers, have you encountered any pressing issue with the developer that you would like to share? Comment on below.



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