1/98: We partner with local Philippine banks to make it easier for our international buyers.


Our experience with different Philippine banks together with the real estate developers allows us to compare the ease of getting a loan for our clients.

Normally, a homebuyer based in another country would need to comply with the numerous requirements that is standard in getting a loan in the Philippines.partners

This includes the following:

  1. Personal appearance – Normally, a borrower would be required to physically be present in the branch. He / She will be interviewed until the bank officer is sold that the borrower has the capacity to pay.
  2. Declaration of Assets and Liabilities – The application form is a part of the borrowers ” risk factor ” in his/ her chance in defaulting payments. The officer would know the spending capacity together with the…
  3. Income Documents – This would sufficiently address the  financial capacity of the borrower.
  4. Documentation requirements – This is the submission of valid Id’s, signed documents, and proof of marital status.

We have handled the resolution of the different concerns regarding the approval of a home loan. Even if our client is a local or a foreigner, we have experienced some of their issues yet we always resolve it depending on their situation.


Here below is an interview with one of the few partner banks that we dealt with in partnership with Ayala.

Our relationship with our bank managers allows us to represent the approval of their bank loan efficiently and with the most competitive interests available in the market. Aside from that, compared with bank loan endorsements from the developers, we continue to follow through with every concern before it develops. I hate to say this, but we have some clients who have gone their own way in getting a random bank officer. Most of the balikbayans are not aware of the rates, thus, some of the bank officers took advantage by offering a higher than the standard rate. Our partnership with the different banks allows us to prevent this monopoly, and instead give you an honest advice on the bank ideal for the particular property.


So before you get your loan pre-approved, call us now for your free professional advice.


Arah Dayao
Operations Manager




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