Last month, our representative checked on a townhouse located in the East Service Road. The area is near the future Arca South development and a stone’s throw away from SM Bicutan.
The landmark is in the SUY SING Building along East Service Road.
It is a three storey property. It was only occupied a few times since the owner is based abroad. The client decided to list the property with us since they had a change of heart. A few years ago, they were thinking of this property for their retirement. Their vacations and the healthcare system in US are one of the factors they considered.
Good thing the property was maintained through their contacts who would visit every week. They have already added some fixtures such as the kitchen, curtains and some cabinets. To show you a virtual tripping, you may click on the links below.
Checking on the ground floor.
Note that debris outside the carport will be cleared by the owner once sold.
Checking on the 2nd floor units. Nice handiwork on the cabinets, BTW.
Another look at the 2nd floor before I go upstairs.
On the 3rd floor, showing the Masters Bedroom: Equiped with an aircon.
Master bedroom  toilet and bath
The townhouse is ideal for professionals with growing families. A small townhouse community setting that is affordable, considering the future developments in the area. The locale is accessible to Waltermart and SM Bicutan.The addition of Arca South and the different major highways would be an added consideration for the investor. I wouldn’t suggest this townhouse for empty nesters and people who has difficulty o going up the staircase. Here are some more video clips of my tour going down from the third floor to the ground level.
from Masters bedroom going down to the 2nd floor.
From 2nd floor to the ground floor.

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