Why one should consider staying in Shell Residences?

Over the past few months, we have talked to some of our tenants who are willing to give their insights on their new unit rentals or house hunting experiences through my team. To engage our clients, we decided to make a routine invitation in our office after they moved in. These videos are documented for us to improve our services even more. Let us hear what Marivic, our new tenant, has to say.

( Our lease coordinator with our new tenant in Shell Residences, Ms. Marivic. This is the transcript of the video below translated in English language. )
Arra: Hi, good evening. This is Mae from Abba Realty. I’m here to conduct a short interview with one of our tenants, who just moved in Shell Residences. Please introduce yourself.
Marivic: Hi Im Marivic, and I’m 26 years old and I’m working here in Makati.
A: Why did you choose Shell Residences?
M: The location is convenient as it is near the mall and commercial centers, the airport, and also, this location is accessible to my workplace.
A: Why did you choose the one-bedroom unit?
M: Because we both like the bigger space that it offers. It is just enough for the two of us. We feel that a two-bedroom would be too much, but the one-bedroom is just fine.
A: What do you like in the building or development?
M: I like their amenities and their security of the place. Also, it is peaceful here.
A: What can you say about our service?
M: What can I say? Hmm.. very nice service..  very good, and very friendly.
A: Ok. That’s it for today. Bye!
Our tenants has successfully moved in, but that doesn’t mean it is the end of our transaction. We are here to support them year round.
In fact, we are still looking for more units to offer for rent in Shell Residences. With the rise in demand from our corporate accounts, we will be glad to add your unit to our inventory.

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