Roadshow 2016 : 5 reasons for Filipinos based in U.S. to get a property in the PH

This 2016, I am scheduled to go back in U.S. this April. Our group is optimistic that we will be able to help out a lot of Filipinos based abroad to get the right property for their needs.

Here are the following reasons why:

1. We have new tie ups with different financing institutes
We already forged tie ups with selected banks and government programs that will be an add on exclusive to our buyers abroad. We have attended government program specific seminars to add on to our added services.


2. Our current buyers are promoting us via word of mouth
For the past few months, we have closed deals with the referral of our current buyers and partners. I believe that we are doing a good job on updating them with their queries. I have an efficient sales team to work on for all the paperworks up to the finishing stages of the project. This is a good sign that they trust us with the upkeep of their investment.

3. We have new project locations to offer
Last year, I just promoted two projects. One in Nuvali and the other one in Shaw Blvd. in Ortigas. On my next trip, we are looking at the very prime location of BGC ( Bonifacio Global City ), a house and lot development in Nuvali, and the old favorite location for the urban dweller, North of Makati. Although we have projects nationwide, I will discuss these three on their differences.


4. Long Term Opportunities
Construction and tourism is in demand, a significant increase of international investors , investment grade ratings,  and a low interest rate in home loans keeps our country in good shape to put your money in the real estate market.

5. The increase in remittances from U.S. to the Philippines
According to Ms. Menchu of PNB Mira Mesa, their lean season usually coincides after the Christmas season. By opening the year 2016, there was a record increase in remittances from U.S. to their relatives in the Philippines. This only contributes to a healthy exchange of business with the increase in trade and consumption.

So here are just some of the reasons why we are pushing for our trip on April. So far, the company has shown it’s full support for our programs. We are also hoping that we get in touch with you via email or our Magic Jack no., if you have any questions on the exclusive benefits included for our buyers in U.S.
Looking forward to meeting you soon.

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