Chat with Mr Paolo Flores

Today on the blog, we will share with you what transpired when we sat down with Abba 98 Realty’s International Broker – Mr. Paolo Flores.

  1. How did you come up with the name Abba 98 Realty

“It originated from our personnel agency business. My dad started Abba Personnel Services Inc with the vision of helping the Filipinos get a job abroad. It started in 1997, and it is now on its 18th year. The agency has won different awards with his vision of giving jobs to Filipinos abroad. Known for his reputation as one of the most well-respected agencies for sending overseas workers abroad, it is a fulfillment to send thousands of Filipinos from different parts of the world.

With this, he decided to create a corporation for our holdings. Since Mr Nestor Flores is a licensed real estate broker, he formed a realty, thus Abba 98 Realty & Dev’t Corp. Abba which means “Father” and 98, since that is NAF’s first year in his personnel services business”.

  1. Who is the founder?

“It is founded by Mr Nestor Flores. Originally, the realty was just created to serve as a holding company. Year 2010, Sr Flores started accreditation with some developers. Then by the start of 2014, I decided to manage the business after getting different international trainings from the top developers. With our successful programs last year, I am optimistic that we will have a good year ahead of us”.

  1. What made you decide to come up with your own company?

“Like most real estate brokers, I used to work under specific developers who offer different types of properties to address the unique needs of customers. However, I found that despite the different properties they try to sell, developers have different strengths too and I will only be able to serve my customers better if they are given this wide variety of options, not just the properties of any single developer.

Starting up my own company to become an independent broker seemed logical then because now I am able to address what’s most important to my clients by tapping properties of developers whose strengths suit their priorities. In addition, I am also able to provide them a broader, unbiased perspective on real estate investing since I’m not exclusively tied to any specific developer.

I also saw the need for the developers to improve on after sales service and client servicing. Our buyers enjoy the services related to their property from our selected industrial partners”.

  1. Edge of Abba over other brokers?

“Most independent brokers nowadays would boast of a looong list of properties that they can recommend to any customer. Sadly, this is not what customers want. They only want to see the properties that are relevant to them. Long lists do nothing but confuse them further.

Yes, I provide more options than when I was working exclusively for developers. But, I only provide them the options that they actually want to see. Here in Abba, we approach each and every client differently because that is what they precisely are—different. Think of it as a customized way of servicing, because at the end of the day, the client is always the most important.

As a small business owner, our advantage is our dedication for our good service. Aside from that, we are able to propose different ideas to the developer more efficiently. We also personalize the service to our buyers”.

We will see more of him tomorrow as he will grace the event organized for the bloggers called “Amaia Blogger’s Day”.

  1. Words of wisdom to bloggers?

“To all the bloggers, continue what you are doing. Be passionate and protect your reputation by doing the right thing. We just have to be responsible on what we post in the internet since it cannot be erased once you posted the content already.

Times are changing. Before, we are only limited to watching TV, reading the newspaper as our types of media. Right now, we have the internet. We have different social media channels that could affect our decision making. We usually research and check on different opinions posted in the internet. And one of the easiest ways to express our ideas and opinions is through our blog”.

As a millennial and an advocate of blogging communities, I fully support the cause of the bloggers in providing unbiased information and independent views through their own blogs. Without you and without growing our network, we will be less effective in supporting each other with our objective on why we created it in the first place.

Paolo v. flores
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