Update on my US Trip

Dear kababayans and Filipinos based in California,
My last four months here in the U.S. had been a fruitful and productive stay, and I thank you, the many investors and friends , who have made that possible. We are currently processing the documentation of your chosen units/ properties. Most of the Pag-Ibig applications are now on their way to the Shaw Blvd. Main Office, although some of our buyers need to fulfill the minor requirements needed to process their Pag-Ibig membership. To those who haven’t completed the documentary requirements for their Pag-Ibig membership , please continue to call my Makati office from 5 p.m. – 11.30 p.m. ( Pacific Time ) and contact our very helpful coordinator, Arah, at the following contact numbers:
US Magic Jack: 562 443 8556*
Viber | PH Mobile: 63917 8172656
Makati Office: 632 9563284
To our buyers last March and April, I am looking forward to bring you the copy of your contract to sell ( CTS ) and the approved Pag-Ibig membership applications. And to those who would like to see me in L.A. , I will be available from August 24 to 30.

During that week , I will have another opportunity of hosting a small presentation ( with snacks and drinks) in Glendale and in San Diego. It will be an honor and privilege if you can ask your friends to attend this presentation. I am sure that they will appreciate hearing what’s in store for them in the Philippines.

For our promoters and marketers, I am looking forward to your support, by inviting your friends and their friends to our dinner presentation on the following events:
condo in the Philippines
Abba Realty
Should you have comments and feedback, please email or call me. Also, please mention this website to your friends . This website  is meant to provide our current promoters and buyers with updates on our ongoing and future projects. It will feature different topics that are related to the industry and photos of our events and activities .It will describe processes and the other types of services that we render. Most of all, this website is intended to keep each one of us in touch, so that we may be of assistance to you at all times.

For our promoters and marketers, I thank you for your support . I look forward to having more of your friends attend our presentations as we continue our goal of offering people the best properties available in the Philippines.

Please share our e-invites to your social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).
Let us spread the good news.
Truly yours,

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